Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ferrari F12berlinetta Spia By DMC Tuning

When most car enthusiasts think of DMC – the tuner, not the failed automaker – they are thinking of one of the most respected Lamborghini tuners in the world. Well, just because it is most known for its work on raging bulls doesn’t mean it can’t hop on a prancing horse every once in a while. This is made evident by DMC’s latest tune, which happens to be on the newest prancing horse in the stable, the F12berlinetta.

This package, which DMC has dubbed the F12berlinetta SPIA, takes the F12berlinetta’s best assets and does the impossible by making them even better. The thing with the F12berlinetta is the fact that its body acts as the car’s spoiler system, so DMC had to take extreme car not to mess with its aerodynamics too much.

So, did DMC knock this one outta the park or did it itself into a sloppy double play?