Friday, November 2, 2012

Audi Crosslane Coupe Review

Audi lifted the cover sheet from their latest concept car in the 2012 Paris Motor Show to unveil the new Hybrid Crosslane Coupe. Audi gave us the hint of what we can expect from the future Q models by uncovering the Crosslane.

Audi claims that the Crosslane is a crossover, a convertible and a coupe all in one go. As crossovers it is a vehicle body style which is a combination of a Sports Utility Vehicle and a Minivan. The Crosslane has an option of removing the roof which puts it in the convertible category and since it has a closed body style available with two seats or 2+2 seating option it is definitely a coupe.

Having Features like removable rear seats and movable trunks the Crosslane might have the potential to be a member of the next Transformer. With Audi’s remarkable ultra-light weight embodying principal the Crosslane’s body work is made of “Multi material Space Frame”.
With newest fusion of technology, engineering and design the Crosslane provides the answer to future Audi Q model bodywork. The chassis of the car is mainly build with aluminum, carbon-fiber re-enforced polymer and fiberglass re-enforced polymer. It results a lightweight rigid structure. The overall weight is 3064 pounds.

The Crosslane has a length of 13.81ft, width of 6.17ft, and a height of 4.95ft. A Single-frame aluminum grille is merged with the “Multi material Space Frame” to support it. Audi kept in mind about the looks of the car, which is important for reaching high sales figure. So they came up with the idea of using their Matrix LED technology for the slim ‘trapezoidal’ head lights.

The curves in the body and the sleek and sharp front give the car a great look. Having a wheelbase of 8.4ft, the car got a great ground clearance. There are two CFRP shells in the roof which can be detached and attached by only an electric drive. The roof can be totally removed from the body of the vehicle and fitted above the trunk.